A Brief History of The School

ECWA School of Basic Midwifery is a Mission School established by the missionaries of the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM ) in 1955 as a nursing training school.

Unfortunately, the school was closed down because of a dearth of trained tutors. The school later re-opened in 1971 as midwifery training school, training community midwives and later on it became a basic midwifery training school with the first set of midwives graduating in March 1980.

The school continued the Training of Basic midwives until 1993 when it was replaced with post basic midwifery training.

In August 2017, the Nursing and Midwifery Council granted the school’s request for a change of programme to basic midwifery training. This commenced in March 2018 with 41 students who are presently in the school as the first set of the Basic Midwifery programme while the last set of the Post Basic Midwives are to finish in March 2019.

The Motto of The School

Our motto at ECWA School of Basic Midwifery is:

“Caring with Love for Christ.”

The Vision of The School

Our vision is for ECWA School of Basic Midwifery Egbe is to be regarded as the foremost School of Midwifery; training disciplined and dedicated midwives to cater for the health needs of individuals, families and community, witnessing to patients in words and in deeds, providing quality and compassionate health care.